Photo of Brian Tinsley with three family members.

Dedication to Brian Tinsley

Brian Tinsley was an aortic dissection survivor.

After collapsing on the tennis courts and having an emergency open heart surgery to replace his ascending aorta in 2003, he dedicated his life to serving as a resource and support system for other aortic dissection patients on his own website, where he shared information on aortic disease as well as patient stories.

Brian passed away on December 23, 2019, due to an unexpected complication while recovering from yet another open heart surgery.

Many of the patient stories that Brian featured have been updated and are shared here with permission. It is a tribute to Brian that we continue to share information about aortic dissection for the medical and patient community, as well as the general population.

Photo of Brian Tinsley with three family members.

Brian, far right, with his family.