Eric’s Story

I had just driven home to North Carolina from Brooklyn after visiting my mom who had been ill – 656 miles during the day on a Friday. I was in my bedroom when a weird feeling in my chest came over me and I knew there was something wrong. I yelled out to my wife to call 911. 

They arrived in seven minutes and immediately gave me nitroglycerin as my blood pressure in my right arm was much higher than on my left side. I walked downstairs as the stretcher could not turn (our stairs wind) plus I am 6’5″ and 250 lbs. 

I was taken to Northeast Medical in Concord, NC. The doctor advised me that I would need surgery to save my life. All I know is I had a calmness which I never had and, before I knew it, it was Sunday I had undergone a 20+ hr surgery – I needed to be revived twice and also contracted compartment syndrome in my right arm. I lost use of my finger due to the condition. 

Due to the love, attention, and support from my wife, daughter, family, nurses, attendants, and doctors I am doing well. 

– Eric