Executive Committee and
Working Groups

Executive Committee

Kim Eagle


University of Michigan

Executive committee
Helaine BaruchAlan BravermanJoseph Coselli
Patrice Desvigne-NickensLen GirardiJosephine Grima
David LiangEileen MascialeLauren May
Shaine MorrisFiras MussaMichael Weamer

Basic and Translational Science
Working Group

Working Group Mandate: To facilitate research to understand the molecular pathogenesis of thoracic aortic disease, both in individuals without and with bicuspid aortic valves. With understanding of molecular pathogenesis, the working group aims to identify triggers for thoracic aortic disease, determine the mechanisms by which these factors lead to disease, improve preventative therapies, and identify new therapies.

Dianna Milewicz


University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Simon Body

Vice Chair 

Boston University School of Medicine

Working Group Members
Catherine BoileauMiguel CampaneroAlan Daugherty
Alessandro Della CortePatrice Desvigne-NickensDavid Dichek
John ElefteriadesSanthi GaneshJay Humphrey
Mark LindsayBart LoeysCheryl Maslen
Juan Miguel RedondoLynn SakaiMary Sheppard
Sanjay SinhaPatrick SipsToru Suzuki
Aline VerstraetenHiromi Yanagisawa

Collaborative Clinical Science
Working Group

Working Group Mandate: To encourage and support multicenter, multidisciplinary research collaborations by facilitating access to datasets and harmonizing data across complementary registries – “datasets” include biorepositories, clinical data, and images.

Siddharth Prakash


University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Kathryn Holmes

Vice Chair 

Oregon Health & Science University

Photo of Shaine Morris, MD, MPH.

Shaine Morris

Vice Chair 

Texas Children’s Hospital
Baylor College of Medicine

Working Group Members
Federico AschAndrea BallottaEduardo Bossone
Andreina CarboneCarlo de VincentiisScott Demrauer
Patrice Desvigne-NickensArturo EvangelistaBabar Hasan
Marion Hofmann BowmanGuillaume JondeauRon Lacro
Scott LeMaireCheryl MaslenRita Milewski
Catherine OttoMaral OuzounianReed Pyeritz
William RavekesMary RomanMelissa Russo
Sherene ShalhubMichael SinghMatthew Solomon
Jason SperlingToru SuzukiEser Tolunay
Jonathan WeinsaftElise WoznickiBo Yang

Patients, Families, and Clinicians
Education and Communication
Working Group

Working Group Mandate: To educate and communicate with patients, families, and clinicians about genetic aortic and vascular conditions.

Alan Braverman


Washington University School of Medicine

Mary Sheppard

Vice Chair 

University of Kentucky

Working Group Members
Juan BowenJulie De BackerPatrice Desvigne-Nickens
Aaron DorfmanGlen IannucciElizabeth Jackson
Jessica KushnerLi LiCindy Retterer
Lynn SandersSherene ShalhubMichael Silberbach
Shani WeberElise Woznicki

If you are interested in joining one of the GenTAC Alliance’s working groups,
please send an email to info@gentacalliance.org with the name of the working group you would like to join and a copy of your CV.

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